A Wholesome Guide to Curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield

A Complete Guide to Curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield
Image: Kevin McMinn/Pokémon FAQs

This guide details curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield—from its purpose, to cooking techniques, to all recipes needed to complete the Curry Dex.

Pokémon Camp is a new feature introduced in Generation VIII with Sword and Shield. From the games’ menu screen, players can quickly select “Pokémon Camp” to set up a site to get some play time (akin to Pokémon-Amie) with their Pokémon or cook up more than 150 curry dishes. A wide assortment of key ingredients combined with Berries, and a dash of technique and finesse, can spell either disaster or delectable delicacy.

But fear not.

We hope to give you all the tips, tricks, and secrets needed to become an informed curry connoisseur. We’ll even show you how to prepare the most exquisite taste rating of curry: Charizard Class.

What exactly is curry?

Chicken Curry
Image: Shutterstock

“Curry,” a slightly misunderstood word, likely originated from Pakistan or India. “No one really knows when curry was invented or started to be used in Indian cooking,” according to gourmet Indian food website Sukhi’s. “What one knows is that the use of spices in a sauce to flavor meats has been traced back to 2500 BCE from Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan.”

And so, it may seem like an odd choice to add a curry-making feature to a game that’s based on the United Kingdom—especially since it has its own Curry Dex featuring more than 150 curries. However, curry dishes are actually quite popular in the UK. “British curry is modified Indian curry, so it makes sense that they are rather similar,” explains Sukhi’s. “In fact, one of the most popular curries in the UK is chicken tikka masala! Some of the earliest curries in the UK included a rabbit curry with an Indian pickle.”

(For the record, there’s an ongoing debate about curry and where it came from, but that discussion is better left for another time.)

Curry Categories and Types

With a Curry Dex that boasts a whopping 151 dishes, it would be confusing if they were all lumped together into one category. Thankfully, Game Freak has created six different categories—subtle, spicy, dry, sweet, bitter, and sour—to better organize the cuisine. There’s one exception, however: Gigantamax Curry is in a category of its own. Because, well, it deserves to be.

The curry structure gets whittled down even further, beyond the six categories, into various types. There are a total of 25 types of curry. Some of the more popular types include Decorative Curry, Whipped-Cream Curry, Bone Curry, Smoked-Tail Curry, and Boiled-Egg Curry. Our Curry Dex lists all of them.

Key Ingredients

One could argue that key ingredients are the “meat and potatoes” of a good curry, and that’s entirely true with curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The most basic, subtle-tasting curries do not require any of the key ingredients—just Berries. However, if you want to impress your Pokémon and boost their Exp. Points, HP, and Friendship, adding key ingredients is, well, the secret ingredient.

The following table lists all Pokémon Sword and Shield curries for each of the 25 key ingredients.

IngredientCan Make These Curries
SausagesSausage Curry, Spicy Sausage Curry, Dry Sausage Curry, Sweet Sausage Curry, Bitter Sausage Curry, Sour Sausage Curry
Bob's Food TinJuicy Curry, Spicy Juicy Curry, Dry Juicy Curry, Sweet Juicy Curry, Bitter Juicy Curry, Sour Juicy Curry
Bach's Food TinRich Curry, Spicy Rich Curry, Dry Rich Curry, Sweet Rich Curry, Bitter Rich Curry, Sour Rich Curry
Tin of BeansBean Medley Curry, Spicy Bean Medley Curry, Dry Bean Medley Curry, Sweet Bean Medley Curry, Bitter Bean Medley Curry, Sour Bean Medley Curry
BreadToast Curry, Spicy Toast Curry, Dry Toast Curry, Sweet Toast Curry, Bitter Toast Curry, Sour Toast Curry
PastaPasta Curry, Spicy Pasta Curry, Dry Pasta Curry, Sweet Pasta Curry, Bitter Pasta Curry, Sour Pasta Curry
Mixed MushroomsMushroom Medley Curry, Spicy Mushroom Medley Curry, Dry Mushroom Medley Curry, Sweet Mushroom Medley Curry, Bitter Mushroom Medley Curry, Sour Mushroom Medley Curry
Smoke-Poke TailSmoked-Tail Curry, Spicy Smoked-Tail Curry, Dry Smoked-Tail Curry, Sweet Smoked-Tail Curry, Bitter Smoked-Tail Curry, Sour Smoked-Tail Curry
Large LeekLeek Curry, Spicy Leek Curry, Dry Leek Curry, Sweet Leek Curry, Bitter Leek Curry, Sour Leek Curry
Fancy AppleApple Curry, Spicy Apple Curry, Dry Apple Curry, Sweet Apple Curry, Bitter Apple Curry, Sour Apple Curry
Brittle BonesBone Curry, Spicy Bone Curry, Dry Bone Curry, Sweet Bone Curry, Bitter Bone Curry, Sour Bone Curry
Pack of PotatoesPlenty-of-Potato Curry, Spicy Plenty-of-Potato Curry, Dry Plenty-of-Potato Curry, Sweet Plenty-of-Potato Curry, Bitter Plenty-of-Potato Curry, Sour Plenty-of-Potato Curry
Pungent RootHerb Medley Curry, Spicy Herb Medley Curry, Dry Herb Medley Curry, Sweet Herb Medley Curry, Bitter Herb Medley Curry, Sour Herb Medley Curry
Salad MixSalad Curry, Spicy Salad Curry, Dry Salad Curry, Sweet Salad Curry, Bitter Salad Curry, Sour Salad Curry
Fried FoodFried-Food Curry, Spicy Fried-Food Curry, Dry Fried-Food Curry, Sweet Fried-Food Curry, Bitter Fried-Food Curry, Sour Fried-Food Curry
Boiled EggBoiled-Egg Curry, Spicy Boiled-Egg Curry, Dry Boiled-Egg Curry, Sweet Boiled-Egg Curry, Bitter Boiled-Egg Curry, Sour Boiled-Egg Curry
Fruit BunchTropical Curry, Spicy Tropical Curry, Dry Tropical Curry, Sweet Tropical Curry, Bitter Tropical Curry, Sour Tropical Curry
Moomoo CheeseCheese-Covered Curry, Spicy Cheese-Covered Curry, Dry Cheese-Covered Curry, Sweet Cheese-Covered Curry, Bitter Cheese-Covered Curry, Sour Cheese-Covered Curry
Spice MixSeasoned Curry, Spicy Seasoned Curry, Dry Seasoned Curry, Sweet Seasoned Curry, Bitter Seasoned Curry, Sour Seasoned Curry
Fresh CreamWhipped-Cream Curry, Spicy Whipped-Cream Curry, Dry Whipped-Cream Curry, Sweet Whipped-Cream Curry, Bitter Whipped-Cream Curry, Sour Whipped-Cream Curry
Packaged CurryDecorative Curry, Spicy Decorative Curry, Dry Decorative Curry, Sweet Decorative Curry, Bitter Decorative Curry, Sour Decorative Curry
Coconut MilkCoconut Curry, Spicy Coconut Curry, Dry Coconut Curry, Sweet Coconut Curry, Bitter Coconut Curry, Sour Coconut Curry
Instant NoodlesInstant-Noodle Curry, Spicy Instant-Noodle Curry, Dry Instant-Noodle Curry, Sweet Instant-Noodle Curry, Bitter Instant-Noodle Curry, Sour Instant-Noodle Curry
Precooked BurgerBurger-Steak Curry, Spicy Burger-Steak Curry, Dry Burger-Steak Curry, Sweet Burger-Steak Curry, Bitter Burger-Steak Curry, Sour Burger-Steak Curry
GigantamixGigantamax Curry

Cooking With Berries

Though crafting a curry doesn’t always require a key ingredient, it does require at least one Berry. And each type of Berry has its own flavorful properties. Some Berries have more than one flavor, however; if two or more flavors are equally balanced, the Berry will have a predominantly subtle flavor profile. For example, the Kee Berry is equally spicy and dry with hints of sweetness, bitterness, and sourness, so its final flavor is subtle.

The following table lists all Pokémon Sword and Shield Berries according to their overall flavor profile.

Flavor ProfileBerry
SubtleApicot, Ganlon, Grepa, Hondew, Kee, Kelpsy, Lansat, Leppa, Liechi, Lum, Maranga, Oran, Persim, Petaya, Pomeg, Qualot, Salac, Sitrus, Starf
SpicyBabiri, Cheri, Chople, Enigma, Figy, Occa, Tamato, Tanga
DryCharti, Chesto, Chilan, Kebia, Micle, Passho, Wiki
SweetCustap, Kasib, Mago, Pecha, Roseli, Shuca, Wacan
BitterAguav, Coba, Haban, Jacoba, Rawst, Rindo
SourAspear, Colbur, Iapapa, Payapa, Rowap, Yache

Let’s Cook Up Some Curry

Before we get down and dirty with our curry we need to know the four-step cooking process: add ingredients, fan the flames, give it a good stirring, and put your heart into it. This will be the key to our success—or demise as a culinary curry artist.

Curry Cooking Guide - Pokémon FAQs
Fig. 1: Adding a medley of ten Berries to the curry pot (Image: Kevin McMinn/Pokémon FAQs)

Adding the ingredients

The most basic step is perhaps the most important one, because without proper ingredients we can’t make a curry (Fig. 1). And some of the simplest curry recipes do not call for any key ingredients—only a single type of Berry. For example, the recipe for Sweet Curry requires only one of the following Berries: Custap, Kasib, Mago, Pecha, Roseli, Shuca, or Wacan. However, other recipes, such as Gigantamax Curry, requires a special—quite uncommon—key ingredient called Gigantamix.

Curry Cooking Guide - Pokémon FAQs
Fig. 2: Giving those flames some good fanning (Image: Kevin McMinn/Pokémon FAQs)

Fan the flames

Once you’ve sorted out what ingredients to add to the pot, it’s time to get those flames roaring. There’s a couple of ways to go about doing this. You can vigorously shake the Joy-Con controller or rapidly press the controller’s “A” button. Either method work fine to set your Magikarp-styled fan in motion. You’ll want to keep on fanning until the flames grow large, then back off a bit so you don’t scorch your curry (Fig. 2).

Curry Cooking Guide - Pokémon FAQs
Fig. 3: Giving your concoction a good stir (Image: Kevin McMinn/Pokémon FAQs)

Give it a good stirring

Now that your curry is all fired up, it’s time to move on to stirring so all the flavors meld together. For this step simply rotate the the control stick clockwise (or counter-clockwise) on the Joy-Con. Your large, long-handled spoon will begin working its magic. If you stir too fast, your curry will splash. The object is to stir just fast enough before it begins to splash (Fig. 3). A splash here and a splash there is perfectly fine, however.

Curry Cooking Guide - Pokémon FAQs
Fig 4: Sinking your heart into your curry creation (Image: Kevin McMinn/Pokémon FAQs)

Put your heart into it

The final step to cooking a curry is to put some love into your dish. This seems more like a gimmick than anything else, and it doesn’t seem to affect the final result; however, if done just right when cooking with other players, you can trigger a pretty neat animation sequence. The idea is to toss your “Heart-ball” into the curry pot at precisely the right time. There are two colored “bullseye” rings: green and light green (Fig. 4). Wait until the indicator is in the perfect position for the light green circle and launch away.

Our video below demonstrates all four steps of the curry cooking process. By following the steps above, we managed to craft a perfect Charizard Class Sweet Smoked-Tail Curry. We used Smoke-Poke Tail as our main ingredient and 10 Berries of varying taste.

Taste Ratings

Cooking curry wouldn’t be complete without some criticism. You will receive one of five taste ratings—Koffing, Wobbuffet, Milcery, Copperajah, and Charizard—based on how well you fan the flames and stir the pot. And each rating yields unique results. For example, if your curry is poorly prepared, it will be given the Koffing Class taste rating, which has very little effect on your party Pokémon. Whip up a delightful dish and your curry may be awarded the top-notch Charizard Class taste rating.

The following table lists the five taste ratings available in Pokémon Sword and Shield, along with their respective effects.

Taste RatingEffects
Koffing ClassKoffing Class
  • Very small amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores 1/4 of HP
  • Very small increase to sociability
Wobbuffet ClassWobbuffet Class
  • Small amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores 1/2 of HP
  • Small increase to sociability
Milcery ClassMilcery Class
  • Medium amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores all HP and heals all status conditions
  • Medium increase to sociability
Copperajah ClassCopperajah Class
  • Large amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores all HP and PP, and heals all status conditions
  • Large increase to sociability
Charizard ClassCharizard Class
  • Very large amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores all HP and PP, and heals all status conditions
  • Very large increase to sociability

Example Recipes

Here are a few starter recipes (some of our favorites) to inspire you to be creative with combining different ingredients. The Pokémon Sword and Shield Curry Dex is always available for reference, should you need it.

Curry DishRecipe
Decorative CurryDecorative CurryKey Ingredients: Packaged Curry
Secondary Ingredients: A minimum of one Berry, with an overall flavor profile that’s predominantly spicy
Boiled-Egg CurryBoiled-Egg CurryKey Ingredients: Boiled Egg
Secondary Ingredients: A minimum of one Berry, with an overall flavor profile that’s predominantly subtle
Leek CurryLeek CurryKey Ingredients: Large Leek
Secondary Ingredients: A minimum of one Berry, with an overall flavor profile that’s predominantly sour
Bone CurryBone CurryKey Ingredients: Brittle Bones
Secondary Ingredients: A minimum of one Berry, with an overall flavor profile that’s predominantly subtle
Whipped-Cream CurryWhipped-Cream CurryKey Ingredients: Fresh Cream
Secondary Ingredients: A minimum of one Berry, with an overall flavor profile that’s predominantly subtle