Game Freak is Hiring for More Than 20 Positions

Game Freak is Hiring for More Than 20 Positions
Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon developer Game Freak is seeking qualified candidates to fill 23 positions—from management to graphic artists to programmers, and more.

Tokyo recruiting company CREEK & RIVER distributed the hiring announcement earlier this month. Seventeen positions are full-time, while the remaining six are contract-based. Those interested are directed to submit an online application.

Online interviews will be conducted via Skype on two different occasions; the first meeting will be from May 21-23, and the second meeting will be from June 4-6. All job applications must be submitted no later than June 5.

For some within the Pokémon community, this is a breath of fresh air. “Very good to hear,” said Twitter user Mr1Skill7. “Game Freak’s biggest weakness was always their lack of expertise and workforce. I am glad they are actually trying to change that.”

Available Positions at GAME FREAK inc.

  1. Planner
  2. Planner (Leader)
  3. Graphic designer for maps
  4. Graphic designer for user interface
  5. Graphic designer for character models
  6. Graphic designer for motion/animation
  7. Graphic designer for effects
  8. Technical artist for character models
  9. Game programmer
  10. Game programmer (Leader)
  11. Communications programmer
  12. Build engineer
  13. R&D (library programmer)
  14. R&D (character AI programmer)
  15. Human Resources (hiring)
  16. Information systems charge
  17. Information management
  18. [Contract] Planner for Development 2nd Division
  19. [Contract] Graphic designer for monster animation
  20. [Contract] Graphic designer for monster character models
  21. [Contract] Graphic designer for character motion for event scene
  22. [Contract] Technical artist for model specification
  23. [Contract] Tool programmer

Game Freak is responsible for developing a variety of games other than those in the Pokémon series. For example, Little Town Hero was published in 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. They also brought HarmoKnight and Pocket Card Jockey to Nintendo 3DS.

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