Hidden Ability Galarian Corsola Mystery Gift Awaits

Hidden Ability Galarian Corsola Mystery Gift Awaits
Image: Pokémon FAQs

A Hidden Ability Galarian Corsola Mystery Gift has arrived in Pokémon Sword and Shield, along with an evolution item set featuring rare goods.

The pure Ghost-type Coral Pokémon is Lv. 15 and comes snug inside a Cherish Ball. With its Hidden Ability, Cursed Body, Galarian Corsola has a 30 percent chance of disabling a damaging move inflicted upon it by an opposing Pokémon. It also knows the moves Tackle, Astonish, Disable, and Spite.

“It came from an online present, and the date was 06/4/2020,” reads Corsola’s Mystery Gift description. Its attached Classic Ribbon reads, “Corsola the Pokémon Fan.” Trainers have until June 11 to claim the gift.

In addition, the evolution item set includes a Whipped Dream, Sachet, Sweet Apple, Tart Apple, Cracked Pot, and Chipped Pot. (Now may be as good a time as any to evolve your Antique Form Sinistea.)

Last week’s Mystery Gift was a Hidden Ability Galarian Ponyta. This month-long Mystery Gift campaign ends with Hidden Ability Galarian Meowth, who Trainers can download starting on June 11.

Check out our video footage below that details this Mystery Gift event.

How to receive Galarian Corsola

  1. Open the game’s main menu and select “Mystery Gift”
  2. Select “Get a Mystery Gift”
  3. Select “Get via Internet”
  4. Your gift will begin downloading

Hidden Ability Galarian Corsola Mystery Gift

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