Hidden Ability Galarian Meowth Mystery Gift Available

A Galarian Meowth with its Hidden Ability is now available to download in Pokémon Sword and Shield as a Mystery Gift for the next few days.

The pure Steel-type Scratch Cat Pokémon is Lv. 15 and comes safely sealed inside a Cherish Ball. With its Hidden Ability Unnerve, Galarian Meowth “unnerves opposing Pokémon and makes them unable to eat Berries.” It also knows the moves Fake Out, Growl, Home Claws, and Pay Day.

“It came from an online present, and the date was 06/11/2020,” reads Meowth’s Mystery Gift description. Its attached Classic Ribbon reads, “Meowth the Pokémon Fan.” Trainers have until June 16 to claim the gift.

In addition, this Mystery Gift includes Big Nugget x 50 and Exp. Candy L x 100; Big Nuggets can be sold for 20,000 Poké Dollars and Exp. Candy L boosts a Pokémon’s Exp by 10,000 points.

Last week’s Mystery Gift was a Hidden Ability Galarian Corsola. The Hidden Ability Galarian Meowth is the final Mystery Gift in the one-month campaign to prepare for Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor Expansion Pass DLC.

Check out our video footage below that details this Mystery Gift event.

How to receive Galarian Meowth

  1. Open the game’s main menu and select “Mystery Gift”
  2. Select “Get a Mystery Gift”
  3. Select “Get via Internet”
  4. Your gift will begin downloading

Hidden Ability Galarian Meowth Mystery Gift

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