Pictures of Gen VIII Pokémon Were in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pictures of Gen VIII Pokémon Were in Pokémon Sun and Moon
Image: Pokémon FAQs

There’s a place in Pokémon Sun and Moon where you can view hanging pictures of Pokémon that would later appear in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

They’ve been right there… hanging on the wall this entire time. Game Freak shared subtle images—posters—of Gigantamax Toxtricity and, what seems to resemble, Galarian Ponyta hanging on the wall of their headquarters office in Sun and Moon’s Heahea City.

“Neat discovery I’ve made tonight, we had a sneak peek of the Gigantamax mechanic in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as an Easter egg,” said Twitter user Saternoir today. “This poster in Game Freak’s office in Heahea City features presumably Gigantamax Toxtricity!”

Specifically, check out the first image in the above tweet. The Trainer is facing to the right, toward the wall. On the right side of that wall, there’s a poster that certainly features an image of Gigantamax Toxtricity, less its tail.

“This is also in Sun and Moon so it’s been out for 3 years in fact,” Saternoir clarified. “The light blue poster (above the Trainer) might be Galarian Ponyta or Rapidash! And this G-Max Toxtricity might be beta since it’s missing the large tail.”

However, some folks aren’t buying it due to the poor image quality. But take a closer look:

Twitter user MisterPiwa took a screenshot of the Gigantamax Toxtricity poster in question with Citra, a Nintendo 3DS emulator, to further quell any doubt that some may have.

Game Freak has been dropping Easter eggs like this for quite some time, so this isn’t anything new. However, it’s fascinating to see fans dig up discoveries like this years after a game is released. In Saternoir’s tweet, there’s a few other images that appear to depict different Pokémon, but they’re too blurry to make out.

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