Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Holiday Encounter Rates Discovered

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Holiday Encounter Rates Discovered
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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl encounter rates vary during holidays or notable dates, according to newly discovered info in the games’ source code.

“Just found the wildest thing in the sauce of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl,” said Twitter user shinyhunter_map. “Encounter rates get a 5% or 10% bonus/malus depending on certain dates.” (The word malus, in this case, refers to the opposite of bonus, not the genus of multiple different deciduous trees or shrubs; for lack of a better word, it simply means a penalty.)

According to shinyhunter_map, these are “percentage points added to the already existing encounter rate number, which caps at 100.”  Interestingly, there’s a special encounter rate reserved for Pokémon producer Junichi Masuda’s birthday.

The following table lists all special encounter rates shinyhunter_map shared via Twitter on Friday, May 29. Dates include special holidays or observances for different countries such as Japan, United States, Germany, and others.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Special Encounter Rates

DateEncounter Rate
January 1 (New Year's Day)- 10%
January 11 (Opening the Mirror)+ 5%
January 12 (Masuda's Birthday)+ 10%
February 3 (Setsubun)+ 5%
February 11 (National Foundation Day)+ 5%
February 12 (Lincoln's Birthday)+ 5%
March 3 (Hinamatsuri)+ 5%
March 17 (Saint Patrick's Day)+ 5%
March 21 (Spring Equinox)- 10%
March 25 (Viernes Santo)+ 5%
April 1 (School Entrance Ceremony)+ 5%
April 25 (Italian Liberation Day)+ 5%
April 29 (Greenery Day)+ 5%
May 3 (Constitution Memorial Day)+ 5%
May 5 (Children's Day)+ 5%
May 8 (End of WWII, France)+ 5%
May 29 (Whit Monday)+ 5%
June 2 (Festa della Repubblica)+ 5%
June 21 (dummy)+ 5%
July 4 (Independence Day)+ 5%
July 7 (Tanabata)+ 10%
July 14 (Fête Nationale)+ 5%
July 24 (dummy)+ 5%
August 6 (Hiroshima)- 10%
August 9 (Nagasaki)- 10%
August 13 (Obon, Lantern Festival)- 5%
August 14 (Obon)- 5%
August 15 (Obon, Assumption)+ 5%
August 16 (Obon)- 5%
August 28 (Bank holiday)+ 5%
September 11 (9/11)- 10%
September 15 (Mid-Autumn Festival)+ 5%
September 20 (?)+ 5%
September 23 (Autumn Equinox)- 10%
October 3 (Tag der Deutschen Einheit)+ 5%
October 12 (Fiesta Nacional de España)+ 5%
October 30 (?)+ 5%
November 1 (All Saints' Day)+ 5%
November 3 (Culture Day)- 5%
November 11 (Veteran's Day)+ 5%
November 16 (Volkstrauertag)+ 5%
December 6 (Día de la Constitución)+ 5%
December 8 (Virgin Immaculate Conception Day)+ 5%
December 23 (Emperor Akahito's Birthday)+ 5%
December 24 (Christmas Eve)+ 5%
December 25 (Christmas)- 5%
December 31 (New Year's Eve)- 5%

It’s interesting to see how certain encounter rates increase or decrease. For example, Christmas Eve adds 5 percent to the encounter rate, but Christmas Day has a 5 percent deduction. Also, Masuda’s birthday adds 10 percent to the encounter rate, but 10 percent is deducted for New Year’s Day.

It’s unclear why the “dummy” listings are reserved; however, it could very likely be a placeholder for a date that was never given a holiday.

And in case you’re wondering, these special encounter rates also apply to Pokémon Platinum Version.

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