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Pokémon Details

Get to know Sinistea...
Category:Black Tea Pokémon
Height:4 in.
Weight:.4 lbs.
Ability:Weak Armor
Hidden Ability:Cursed Body
Regional Dex. No.#335
National Dex. No.#854

Species Strengths

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def

Pokédex Entries

Pokémon Sword:

  • Phony Form: This Pokémon is said to have been born when a lonely spirit possessed a cold, leftover cup of tea.
  • Antique Form: The swirl pattern in this Pokémon’s body is its weakness. If it gets stirred, the swirl loses its shape, and Sinistea gets dizzy.

Pokémon Shield:

  • Phony Form: The teacup in which this Pokémon makes its home is a famous piece of antique tableware. Many forgeries are in circulation.
  • Antique Form: It absorbs the life-force of those who drink it. It waits patiently, but opportunities are fleeting—it tastes so bad that it gets spat out immediately.

Pokémon Locations

Pokémon Sword:

  • Glimwood Tangle during random encounters in the tall grass
  • Max Raid Battles

Pokémon Shield:

  • Glimwood Tangle during random encounters in the tall grass
  • Max Raid Battles

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Evolution Cycle

Margin LeftStage 0Evolution ArrowStage 1Margin Right

Sinistea (Phony Form)

Special ConditionUse the Cracked Pot on Sinistea.

Polteageist (Phony Form)



Sinistea (Antique Form)

Special ConditionUse the Chipped Pot on Sinistea.

Polteageist (Antique Form)



Frequently Asked Questions

Sinistea (3)

The difference between Phony Sinistea and Antique Sinistea is small—it can easily go unnoticed even to the trained eye. Antique Form Sinistea brandishes a visible light-blue seal of authenticity on the bottom of its cup, inside the rim. Phony Form Sinistea does not have this unique marking.

Evolving Sinistea to Polteageist is quite simple, but you must have the correct item to trigger its evolution. To evolve Phony Form Sinistea you need to use the Cracked Pot on the Pokémon. To evolve Antique Form Sinistea, you need to use the Chipped Pot on the Pokémon.

Check out our Antique Sinistea Vs. Phony Sinistea, and Its Evolution guide for more details.

Finding Sinistea can be challenging. Currently, the only place it lives in the wild is Glimwood Tangle, the forest located to the north of the town Stow-on-Side. With some luck and patience you can find Sinistea in the tall grass during a random encounter.

In addition, there’s a semi-rare chance of encountering Sinistea during a Max Raid Battle in the Wild Area.

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