Baby Booty Bump GIF Found in Pokémon HOME Files

A GIF of a women booty bumping a toddler was found in the Pokémon HOME data files, but what is it and why is it there in the first place?

It may seem a bit odd to discover something like this while perusing Pokémon HOME‘s data files, often and more properly referred to as the Android Package Kit (APK). But while the animated image has given Pokémon fans a good chuckle, there’s probably a good explanation.

Where did the GIF originate?

We traced the GIF back to a Twitter user who goes by the name arak2, who seemingly created the GIF and shared it on Twitter back in November 2018. Apparently, the GIF is supposed to depict a well-known Japanese vocaloid by the name of Meiko, who knocks over baby Kagamine Rin (another vocaloid) with a booty bump while cutting the rug.

But did arak get this idea from somewhere else? Indeed! It’s actually a rather accurate animation of a video that went viral on the internet in April 2014. Specifically, Summer Knowlden recorded herself dancing when her toddler smacked into her derrière. Or was it her derrière that smacked into her toddler?

“I decided to enter an online dance off for moms, but was a little hesitant about posting a clip of me dancing on the internet,” Knowlden said in the video description on YouTube. “I wanted to practice a little before and this is an outtake from my ‘warm-up.’ It’s too good not to share! Our daughter didn’t even cry; she just laid on the ground a little surprised. All is well.”

Why is the Booty Bump GIF on the Pokémon HOME APK?

When Pokémon HOME 1.0.0 launched on Tuesday, data miners were quick to unpack the game’s files only to discover arak’s GIF inside the “gif” folder. (We confirmed the file was there by downloading the Pokémon HOME 1.0.0 APK.) Of perhaps little importance, the GIF file is named “433ee880bd7192400ee3c59489d572da.gif,” and it resides alongside five GIF images of Pikachu.

It’s possible arak’s GIF was used during Pokémon HOME development to test the app’s animation functionality. Why arak’s GIF was used is another story. Either way, it’s quite harmless and comical.

On Wednesday, just one day after HOME released, update version 1.0.3 began rolling out, which supposedly addressed known bugs in the online Pokémon storage app. Interestingly, Pokémon HOME 1.0.3 no longer contains the GIF folder with the Pikachu animations and the booty bump GIF.

This leads us to believe that yesterday’s update was meant to fix bugs and clean up unnecessary files.

WAIT! What if… what if ARAK is the one who placed the GIF in the APK?! Dun DUN DUNNNN!

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