Pokémon Posters Promote Healthy Hygiene Tips

Pokémon Posters Promote Healthy Hygiene Tips
Image: The Pokémon Company

In an effort to help stave off coronavirus, The Pokémon Company has shared a couple of Pokémon posters that promote useful hygiene tips.

The COVID-19 threat is real, but it’s not enough to get Trainers—and certainly not Pokémon—down during this trying time. Pokémon Singapore recently shared two cute and charming posters reminding fans to take proactive measures when it comes to hygiene.

One poster features the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon Zigzagoon and Pikachu scrubbing their hands and fingernails with soap and water. In the second poster, Jigglypuff and Pikachu are gargling with mouthwash. The latter poster may seem a bit odd, but we did a bit of research to find out whether or not gargling is an effective measure to fight off coronavirus.

“To date, as with many things in medicine, there has been no ‘gold standard’ large-scale randomized controlled trial to confirm the effectiveness of gargling with salt water, vinegar or any other oral solutions to prevent upper and lower respiratory infections caused by coronavirus or any other virus or bacteria,” reports The New York Times.

However, in East Asia, particularly in Japan, “gargling is strongly encouraged by the national government, along with other practices like hand-washing, wearing face masks and social distancing, as a matter of routine hygiene during the regular cold and flu season.”

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